President’s Message

July 2017

We are off to a running start! The new CDAA board of directors has been busy these past 3 months working on transitioning and preparing for our upcoming board meeting to be held in Fresno, August 11-13, 2017 at the Courtyard by Marriott.


Like the runner who is getting ready to bolt out of the blocks, there needs to be balance. Balance not only to hold the starting position until the buzzer sounds, but balance between the physical and the mental aspects of the race.


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, balance can be defined as a mental and emotional steadiness, a means of judging or deciding, and a physical equilibrium. In today’s world, we hear the term balance used frequently. “We need to have a balance in our lives.” OK, so what does that really mean?


I guess if we are trying to be objective, we would need a way to measure how we are currently investing our time and talents. And once we did that, what would the appropriate percentages of time invested in the areas? And who is making up these percentages and deciding on what a good versus a bad balance looks like? So many questions!


According to Family Health-health is defined as a balance of work, play and leisure. Work is defined as human labor. Play is defined as recreational activity.   Leisure is defined as free or down time. So how do we go about trying to establish a balanced life? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Try to plan. Make lists of things you have to do and then put them in order of priority.
  • Moving your body and being active release endorphins and help to clear your mind.
  • Get a hobby. Group activities stimulate your creativeness and introduce a level of relaxation that can be shared with others.
  • Say no. Setting boundaries and being realistic with your investment of time on projects is important.

“You might love your work immensely, but remember that it is only a part of your life. In order to lead a well- balanced life, one should have interests outside work. Indulging in these activities also reduces stress and makes us develop a positive attitude toward life. Relaxing and having fun need to be a permanent part of our lives – they make life worth living.” Family Health 2017


Regardless of what your approach, having some type of balance can contribute to a more healthful and fulfilling life.   Here’s to a balanced future!


Shari Becker, CDA, RDA, FADAA

“To advance the careers of dental assistants and to promote the dental assisting profession in matters of education, legislation, credentialing and professional activities which enhance the delivery of quality dental health care to the public.”