Standing Committee of the Dental Board
Jennifer Rodriguez, RDAEF
Anne Contreras, RDA, Vice Chair
Pamela Davis-Washington, RDA
Judith Forsythe, RDA, Board Member, Chair
Tamara McNealy, RDA
Open, RDA
Ross Lai, DDS

Board President: Steve Morrow, DDS (1/2018)
Vice President: Judith Forsythe, RDA (1/2017)
Secretary: Steven Afriat, Public member (1/2017)
Fran Burton, Public member (1/2017)
Steven Chan, DDS (10/2020)
Yvette Chappell-Ingram (1/2020)
Katie Dawson, RDHAP (1/2017)
Kathleen King, Public member (1/2018)
Ross Lai, DDS (1/2017)
Huong Le, DDS (1/2019)
Meredith McKenzie, ESQ, Public Member (1/2020)
Thomas Stewart, DDS (1/2017)
Bruce Whitcher, DDS (1/2019)
Debra Woo, DDS (1/2017)


The Government Relations Committee of the CDAA represents the interest of dental assistants in California in legislative matters affecting the licensure and practice of DA’s, RDA’s and RDAEF’s. We are your voice and work in collaboration with the California Association of Dental Assisting Teachers (CADAT) and the Foundation of Allied Dental Education (FADE) to promote and protect the profession.


NEWS from the Government Relations Committee

Legislative Update – RDA Exam

Well, the hot topic continues to be the RDA Practical Exam. The Office of Professional Examination Services (OPES, which is a division of the Department of Consumer Affairs), hired by the Dental Board of CA to do the Occupational Analysis for the RDA and RDAEF, came to the August Dental Board/Dental Assisting Committee meeting with their report regarding the Practical Exam. Rather than bring multiple alternatives to the Board, they brought forward only one option: that the dentist would sign off on the skills for an RDA candidate, verifying that they have the required skill set of an RDA and those skills are enough to qualify that person as an RDA and they should be issued a license.  Not only . . .  read more


RDA Practical Exam

The July 1 deadline for signature of the urgency legislation was not met, so at this point, the Dental Board cannot issue licenses . . . read more

Occupational Analysis – RDA

OPES will be bringing multiple options for the RDA Practical Exam to the August Board meeting. Stay tuned – or come to the meeting! . . . read more


Notice from the Dental Board re the RDA Practical Exam


Annual Government Relations Report – April 2017


Current Bills Affecting Dental Assisting

*AB1277. Improves infection control safety in dental offices and would require water or other irrigation methods used for irrigation to be sterile or contain recognized disinfecting or antibacterial properties when performing dental procedures that expose dental pulp.

*AB501. This bill will create new permit categories and training relative to pediatric dental anesthesia. It also specifies personnel that must be present during the procedure.


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