Standing Committee of the Dental Board
Jennifer Rodriguez, RDAEF
Anne Contreras, RDA, Vice Chair
Pamela Davis-Washington, RDA
Judith Forsythe, RDA, Board Member, Chair
Tamara McNealy, RDA
Open, RDA
Ross Lai, DDS

Board President: Steve Morrow, DDS (1/2018)
Vice President: Judith Forsythe, RDA (1/2017)
Secretary: Steven Afriat, Public member (1/2017)
Fran Burton, Public member (1/2017)
Steven Chan, DDS (10/2020)
Yvette Chappell-Ingram (1/2020)
Katie Dawson, RDHAP (1/2017)
Kathleen King, Public member (1/2018)
Ross Lai, DDS (1/2017)
Huong Le, DDS (1/2019)
Meredith McKenzie, ESQ, Public Member (1/2020)
Thomas Stewart, DDS (1/2017)
Bruce Whitcher, DDS (1/2019)
Debra Woo, DDS (1/2017)


The Government Relations Committee of the CDAA represents the interest of dental assistants in California in legislative matters affecting the licensure and practice of DA’s, RDA’s and RDAEF’s. We are your voice and work in collaboration with the California Association of Dental Assisting Teachers (CADAT) and the Foundation of Allied Dental Education (FADE) to promote and protect the profession.



NEWS from the Government Relations Committee


Update on RDA Practical Exam Suspension – May 2017

At a special meeting in closed session on April 6, the Dental Board voted to suspend the RDA Practical Exam. Sarah Wallace, Assistant Executive Director of the DBC joined us at our Annual Conference April 21, 2017 to discuss this as well as other topics.


Why was the Exam suspended? Following the Sunset Review process, it was determined that there were problems with the exam and language was put into place that allowed the Dental Board to suspend the Practical Exam until July 1, 2017. The exam continued, but the Board  . . .  read more



Regulatory Workshops for Dental Assisting

The Dental Board is completing the revision of the educational regulations for Radiology instruction, Infection Control, Coronal Polishing, Sealants etc. Meetings were held for all parties of interest to have input as they were rewritten. Meetings are open to the public and participation is strongly encouraged; meetings will probably start mid-morning and end mid-afternoon.

The April meeting to review the draft of the language was cancelled; the next meeting scheduled is June 23 in Sacramento.  It will then be send to the Board for discussion.

Check back to this site for updated information as workshops in Southern California may also be scheduled as sites are available.  See schedule or calendar   for dates.

Current Bills Affecting Dental Assisting

*AB648. Virtual Dental Home allows specially trained dental hygienists and assistants in certain community settings (community clinics, nursing homes, preschools, etc.) to provide basic care for patients under the diagnosis and direction of a dentist using telehealth technology, which helps expand access to care for patients who face difficulties in getting to a traditional dental office.

*AB2782. Will establish a statewide 2 cent per ounce fee on the distribution of sodas, energy drinks and sugar added juices, which will generate $3 billion in revenue that will provide more nutrition and physical education in schools, better access to clean drinking water, more healthy food options in at-risk communities, more preventive dental services and other programs that will help combat the epidemics of dental disease, diabetes and heart disease.

*SBX25. This has been signed by the Governor regulates e-cigarettes, protecting the public by treating as a tobacco product.  Effective June 13, 2016

*SB7X2. Raises the legal age to purchase tobacco products from 18 to 21.

*AB2X9. Requires schools to adopt and enforce a tobacco-free campus, including smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes.

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