Congrats to these locals for receiving the Membership Awards at

CDAA General Assembly!

Membership Chair Shari Becker presents Pomona Valley with the award for the largest membership in a local society. Director Jennifer Bierschbach accepts the award.


Membership Chair Shari Becker presents Orange County DAS with the award for the largest increase in membership in a local society. Director Georgie Vargas-Burket accepts the award.



How do I join CDAA?

When you join the national organization, the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA), you automatically become a member of your state association (CDAA) and a local dental assistant society (Local Society) in your area.  The application can be completed online at the ADAA’s website

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I’m a student – can I join CDAA?

Membership is open to all students enrolled in either a full-time or part-time dental assisting course.  Student membership is $35 without insurance or $45 with insurance.   Graduated dues are available as a benefit!

An instructor’s signature is required with the application, so check with your instructor.

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Student Recognition Event/Moscone

Congratulations to these New Life Members

These members have held membership in the ADAA for 25 years and are joining the 113 existing Life Members in CDAA:

Karen Olson (Diablo)
Faye Holst (San Fernando)
Sandra Murphy (Diablo)
Sylvia  Reyes (San Fernando)
Diane Leef (Pomona Valley)
Jennifer Poovey (Marin)